27 Mar
HUO360 is suspended.But that doesn’t mean things are going to the end…We’ve just launched a quite simple new project called Netaudio Index – http://netaudio.bai-hua.org, check it out.
25 May
[P36-046] Cursed Chimera – Noisy Side Of LifeCursed Chimera is Benatos Thompson. Formerly L.A.M.P and currently throwing down Dubstep tracks fused with Industrial flavor and IDM sensibility.
25 May
[BP060] Syndrôm – Nomades En No Man’s LandSyndrôm – the leader and founding man of Pavillon36 Recordings, who is actually one of the most active musicians in netaudio scene.
23 May
[prak018] D-Noise – Ann Ditrejns EPD-Noise – Ann Ditrejns EP
17 May
[S27-045] Meta Program – Meta ProgrammingAfter the oh so lovely brain-mangling glitchfest of The Icarus Wings we bring you this debut full length from new artist Meta Program
15 May
[breakcore_LABS01] V.A. – Compilation AlbumThe first Indonesian breakcore compilation.
12 May
[BP059] Enko – DushEnko is a closed young artist live in the Ukrainian city of Sumy, also known as Artem or Enkolf Kitler.
12 May
11 May
[CWZ018]‏ Eniac – Unknown LanguageUnknown Language is the second album of Eniac (Fabio Battistetti). 9 tracks (2 remix) representing Eniac’s language in 2010.
08 May
[pertin-nce_031] V.A. – Things are bad in haitiAs some of you know, our label has a special connection to the earthquake ravaged country of Haiti – so in the tradition of our charity net releases we quickly pulled together this compilation to help out.
07 May
[Pan045] Coin Gutter – Asthmatics Of FailureAsthma can feel like that, when we stand on your chest.
05 May
[sfn067] Blue Dressed Man – Tired Cat Musicsoundzfromnowhere is a DIY, cd-r/mp3 netlabel/colaboration platform based in luxemburg since January 2003
04 May
Bleepshow #481 – Homework Russia showcaseBleepshow is a podcast of electronic music compiled, hosted and produced by Pete Cooper. It’s full of greatness, awesome and win.
02 May
[BP058] Mel – Unguarded“unguarded” is the work which edited live recording.
02 May
[EdP023] Les Hall – electro-music.com collaboration‏It is a collaboration of many artists associated with the www.electro-music.com community.
01 May
[Kreislauf 088] Noston – NostalgiaNoston – Nostalgia
30 Apr
Goodbye & Merci “noCo…mment” April 29th 2007 – April 29th 2010Goodbye & Merci “noCo…mment” April 29th 2007 – April 29th 2010
27 Apr
(ca374) ZAUS / .E. – Mutilatus MutuusAfter establishing their Austro-Italian connection in the Summer of 2009, Eve LaCroix (aka .E.) and Norbert Bieber (aka ZAUS) commenced working on another release for the Clinical Archives netlabel.
26 Apr
[AMNEP022] Xdex – Just Another Uncommon ReleaseGlitchstep from france