Category: Electronica

01 5月

[Kreislauf 088] Noston – Nostalgia

Noston – Nostalgia
30 4月

Goodbye & Merci “noCo…mment” April 29th 2007 – April 29th 2010

Goodbye & Merci “noCo…mment” April 29th 2007 – April 29th 2010
27 4月

(ca374) ZAUS / .E. – Mutilatus Mutuus

After establishing their Austro-Italian connection in the Summer of 2009, Eve LaCroix (aka .E.) and Norbert Bieber (aka ZAUS) commenced working on another release for the Clinical Archives netlabel.
26 4月

[AMNEP022] Xdex – Just Another Uncommon Release

Glitchstep from france
23 4月

[SSS003] VV.AA. – Back to Mine

After a year online, Superssonica is back with a new face and a new reference, [SSS003] Back to Mine.
21 4月

[Lav33] Vain Foam – Collected works – Side B (days of heaven)

Here we are with the second part of the journey in to IDM that Vain Foam has undertaken with
20 4月

[FPR046] Various Artists – Dub Tentacles Vol.2

Dub Tentacles Vol.1 were the most downloaded album from Fresh Poulp in 2009. So it was obvious that we were going for another album this year.
19 4月

[S27-043] V.A. – We Are One – Section 27 Netlabel

This is our gift to thank all who have supported us along the way.
14 4月

[diymVA03] Various Artists – 3

Featuring the work of 30 artists this compilation, revolves around the element of water.
13 4月

[SK&UR001] Oh No Nuno! – Got Soul Go Fight

Oh No Nuno’s Got Soul Go Fight twists and delights in a home-made quilt of unpredictable genre mixtures without ever sounding random or pointlessly clever
12 4月

[DBPLT01] Plantae – Feld

[DBPLT01] Plantae – Feld
09 4月

[D!HR-13] Pocketmaster – Residue

Residue is Swiss duo Pocketmaster’s first album. After the festive EP Tin Guerilla (2008/self-produced), the Cube-C and Emiglio Laser duo abandons self-production to release its first label album.
09 4月

[cl-032] Iameb 57 – Filic 9

Upcoming release comes all the way from the other side of the atlantic, courtesy of US’s Iameb57.
09 4月

[BP056] Fescal – Lethal Industry

Fescal is an artist who was born in Co.Durham, England, but now he lives and works in South Korea.
07 4月

[ccMixter] Various Artists – Secret Mixter Selections March 2010

The Secret Mixter is a semi-regular feature the artists of ccMixter have created to bring them together as a community