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Netlabel或称网络厂牌,是指以在互联网上传播和散布以MP3及Ogg格式为载体的艺术家音乐性质的小型唱片厂牌. 与传统唱片公司不同的是, Netlabel的音乐一般都以完全免费的性质传播,并大都基于一个通用的公共授权. (e.g., 比如Creative Commons licenses). 一般情况下,艺术家掌有自己音乐作品的版权. 大多数的传播行为都采用游击营销的方式传播,少数Netlabel会有额外的资金供给于加盟的艺术家.

在大多数情况下Netlabel都是由单独的个体维系厂牌的运作,这与传统唱片公司的性质截然不同. 大多数作品都由艺术家本人独自掌握,处于一个唯一的身份维系他的作品使用权.


在线音乐小组的始建要追溯到个人电脑应用初期,相关联于电视游戏和demoscene小组. 早期的音乐小组通过发布基于DOS下的MOD格式数字文件,并俯着于通过C语言编写的视觉演示及创作小组自己绘制的材质,以软盘的性质免费传播.


时至今日Netlabel快速的发展和壮大于全世界. Netaudio音乐拥有传统商业模式所不具备的快速传播和适应于现代化的授权方式,让听众可以通过流媒体或免费下载收听到艺术家们的创作,这些因素构成了Netlabel的主要成分.

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A netlabel (also online label, web label or MP3 label) is a record label that distributes its music primarily through digital audio formats (mainly MP3 or Ogg Vorbis) over the Internet. While similar to traditional record labels in many respects, netlabels typically emphasize free distribution online, often under licenses that encourage works to be shared (e.g., Creative Commons licenses), and artists usually retain copyright. Most employ guerrilla marketing to promote their work; few netlabels earn money for participants.

Netlabels may have a considerably lower staff count than traditional record labels, in some instances being only a single individual in control of his/her music, maintaining sole ownership. Physical LPs, for example, are rarely produced by a netlabel, relying entirely on digital distribution and means of the Internet to provide the product.


Online music groups date back almost as far as the history of personal computers, and share close ties with video games and the demoscene. Early music groups released music in MOD formats, typically as part of a music disk, which often included a MOD player, visual effects, and textual information.

Netlabels began to branch out from the tracker scene when the MP3 file format became popular in the late 1990s. Most are still dedicated to electronic music and related genres, though this is rapidly changing.

Today there is a wide range and fast increasing number of netlabels all over the world. Though netaudio music is still a niche within music business the easy way of distributing the music via download/ stream from the internet and the modern license system are the strongest arguments for the growing importance of netlabels and netaudio.