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02 5月

[BP058] Mel – Unguarded

“unguarded” is the work which edited live recording.
26 3月

Blocking of Archive.org in China mainland

Through ths post, you will find some fucked up things in China, mostly around with netlabel’s community and by my personal experience.
23 3月

[BP055] Cagey House – B for Breakfast

B for Breakfast is Cagey House’s latest production. The album has varied between being kind of pop/rock-ish and instrumental experiments.
28 1月

[BP052] Enko – Okne

Enko is a closed young artist live in the Ukrainian city of Sumy, also known as Artem or Enkolf Kitler.
14 12月

[BP051] Hardstroke – In Front Of The See Through Eye

The last one release out from Bypass Netlabel of this year.
29 8月

[BP043] Various Artists – The Brainslug Paradox

What is The Brainslug Paradox ? Is it the digital reissue of an imaginary techno compilation that should have been released 15 years ago in order to not sound completely redundant?
05 6月

[BP034] Laiila – 000013, Version Of

In compliment to lucent melancholy and pale purple shades of never mind, Laiila project started in 2007.
30 5月

Bypass Released: [BP033] Various Artists – The Nines

Try to catch a protean asteroid, try to classify a acceleration place out of the box!
11 12月

[BP013] ZhangJW – Pleh

bypass Released: Cat#: BP013, my project..
19 11月

bypass Released: Da-D-Da – A Toy [BP009]

这是陈杰的第一张正式的作品. 他是一位很优秀的青年艺术家.
22 10月

bypass Release: Siegmar Fricke – Omentopexy

大多数时候bypass Label不发表任何工业作品. 但Siegmar Fricke是一位德国工业的前辈. 为人很诚恳, 所以我们反复交流后, 我还是发了这个.
09 9月

“dadda” (ChenJie)