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23 3月

[P36-042] ValkyR – Lips & Perfume

If you rely on the cover, you will certainly think that you have here something sweet or fluffy…
06 3月

[ADR.COM48] Tsunami Wazahari – Nippon Takeover EP

Trip around the Empire of the Rising Sun for the 48th release of the label, Tsunami Wazahari gives us a personal vision of this ancient culture.
21 11月

[P36-001] Syndrôm – …Finally Released

Originally out as a limited edition of 50 hand-numbered copies on a blue 3″ CDr, “…Finally Released” is now avalaible for free download… Enjoy!
17 11月

Recommend: [Elpa27] Data Unit – Zero One

Recommend: [Elpa27] Data Unit – Zero One
26 10月

[BP047] Eskazed – Overload

Bypass is proud to persent you the “Overload” by Eskazed, an 10-tracks full album genres covered including Downtempo, Abstract hip-hop and Electro.
17 10月

[FPR040] Normaa – Entropia

The Acosta brothers are back on Poulp Fresh Records with a new ep of 8 tracks. Normaa with Entropia, offers a new sound, different from their previous ep.
27 8月

[FPR038] Bandulu Dub – Spiritual Evolution

Fresh Poulp is proud to present the third album from portuguese dubmaster Bandulu Dub, good vibes and musical collab addict !
31 7月

[FPR037] Roots Ista Posse – Roots Dub Chamber

Second release for Roots Ista Posse on Fresh Poulp Records.
28 7月

[P36-024] Nonima & Sonal – The Death Of Youth

“The Death Of Youth” conceived one late evening by Nonima (T.Ferrans) and Sonal (G.H.B), and then cut up and reassembled by Nonima.
21 7月

[P36-023] Dusk – Chillout!?

First DJ Mix on Pavillon36 Recordings, a pure oldskool session with the best of the 90’s.
13 7月

[P36-022] Various – Not Our World Alone

For its first compilation Pavillon36 Recordings is pleased to offer you a selection of the best of dark electronic music underground scene.
10 7月

[FPR036] Guitoud – I & I

One year later his first album “Analogic Time”, Guitoud is back with “I&I”.
17 6月

[S27-013] Syndrom – Sans Titre EP

Syndrom was born in France in 1978, started making music at the age of 10.
29 5月

Releases of Pavillon36 Recordings

DIY netlabel based in France. Electronica/IDM/Breakcore/Jungle & others sounds.
05 5月

[FPR035] Duck – Logical Fallacy

Vincent Robin aka Duck is one of the Fresh Poulp’s “veterans”