Tag: Germany

09 4月

[cl-032] Iameb 57 – Filic 9

Upcoming release comes all the way from the other side of the atlantic, courtesy of US’s Iameb57.
08 3月

[Konkretourist] Glenn Ryszko · Soundwalk

Soundwalk was recorded on February 4th 2009.
11 10月

[cl027] FMcontrol – Nodes Factory

Best release in this year.
29 9月

Netaudio Festival Berlin 2009 Compilations

那么, 做为一年一度的国际Netaudio活动, 今年的Netaudio Festival将在柏林举办. 时间为十月8日到11日之间. 在这之前Netaudio Berlin发布了这两张参与艺术家的作品合辑.
27 9月

[cl-026] Burdeos – Unicorns, Saigas, Narwhals And Another Space Stories

Burdeos – Unicorns, Saigas, Narwhals And Another Space Stories.
14 8月

[phoke57] Idren – Klint

After two years the second full release of Idhren, »Klint«, follows his great and also notably debut EP on the meanwhile disfunct greek netlabel »Digilog«.
21 7月

Dallas Simpson – Braye Harbour

Braye Harbour – Harbouring Desires of Transcendence is an environmental sound work recorded in the summer of 2000 on the island of Alderney in the Channel Islands
16 7月

[RB063] jmdkm – Start Here

“Start Here” contains 9 tracks on a scale from playful to noisy and it is all about trying to find out where it aches or not
04 7月

[Ma050] V.A. – 50

We are happy to be able to look back on fifty releases, published since the labels’ inception in 2002.
21 6月

Recommand: [rec72 #022] PacoAlvarez – Domestic Landscapes

PacoAlvarez draws an acoustic painting free of objects…
17 6月

[BP037] Siegmar Fricke – Chemodulator

Chemodulator comprises the sum of innovative experiences resulting from daily explorations and research in pharmakustik sound-symbiosis.
05 6月

[BP034] Laiila – 000013, Version Of

In compliment to lucent melancholy and pale purple shades of never mind, Laiila project started in 2007.
22 5月

[RB059] Sylvie Walder & Entia Non – Bewilderment

Sylvie Walder and entia non (James McDougall) are well-known names in the netlabel-world and beyond.
20 5月

Anton Mobin – Micro-Climat

The composition appears to be traditional and the modern Click & Cut movement reconcile with the near-ground sounds found in Music Concrete.
17 5月

[EMP073] Kabelton – Cercle

KABELTON born and raised in Munich, lives now in Graz producing electronic dance music and electroacoustic compositions. He never sleeps, and eats three doner kebabs a day.