Tag: Germany

11 4月

[LCLCB01] Bernard Reeb – Lumina magica

This is the first edition of “Carte Blanche” (CB), a serie of releases that will feature guest artists out of the usual musical line of LCL
29 3月

[ma049] Stig Inge – CEPT Ep

The new CEPT-EP from Stig Inge is based on a concept: It consists of two tracks, each of them approximately ten minutes in length.
17 3月

Recommended: [CC001] V.A – Cologne Commons Compilation 01

First official Festival Compilation featuring following Cologne-based Netlabels: 2063music, broque, foem, haushaltsware, iD.EOLOGY……
11 3月

Two specially albums is are available now by Bypass.

[BP024] Luís Antero + Marcus Kürten – Stall and [BP023] Siegmar Fricke – Nekrektomie.
04 3月

[Kreislauf] Niteffect – Motes Of Dust & B-Sides

Kreislauf was founded by Andreas Buttweiler and Thomas Hentrich in 1997 as an Ambient-Club in Mannheim / Germany.
01 2月

cl-021 | Atmogat – Neutro Bionic EP

Toni Polkowski and Danny Prusseit founded in 2001 the project Atmogat. Now in the beginning of 2009 there going to surprise us with an EP which sounds surprisingly emanzipated.
18 1月

Various – Soundtrack For Your Wedding (2006)

14 artists from all over the world taking part in this compilation for a very personal occasion and giving their impressions for this wonderful and unique day in life.
17 1月

Zengineers – The Return of Intelligence: Hikari

“Hikari”, published on iD.EOLOGY, casts one look forward and two looks back.
31 12月

cl-020 | Various Artists – Crazy Compilation #3

It is always difficult to grab peoples attention for electronic music released in the world wide web and it might not be helpful to publish…
22 12月

[plague031] Siegmar Fricke – Atemkalk

Modulated absorptions, anesthetic ambiences and pulsating dissociative interferences for narcotic rebreathers. Cellular respiration through liquid programmings.
19 12月

[plpl008] – Mika Finn – Unknown Pleasures

Here comes a five-track EP by Mika Finn entitled Unknown Pleasures. A sonic trip with downtempo beats and an atmospheric mood. No more words, listen and enjoy…
07 12月

Video: Stereoscope – Blinkenlights Symphony – 2008

Toronto City Hall, October 05, 2008.
02 12月

Machtdose.de: Machtdose Podcast December 2008

The Machtdose (a German coinage “meaning” ‘Tin of Power’) is driven by the love for the underground, the non-compliant and its confrontation with everyday life.
18 11月

Miwon – A to B (2008)

这张专辑也关注了一段时间了. 月初已经正式由CCO发行.
08 11月

Siegmar Fricke – Clinicaut

今天收到了Siegmar Fricke的来信. 得知他在西班牙的addSensor Netlabel发布了他的新作品Clinicaut EP.