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17 2月

[Lav29] LLS04 – #11

Laverna.net is part of red planet community, underground music project connected to the local circle of ‘self-production’.
06 2月

[Lav28] Molven – Removed memories

Molven – Removed memories
06 12月

[51bts#019] Crabnebula – Music without Soul

51beats.net is a netlabel founded in March 2008 by Robidat, and it is based in Milano, Italy.
15 9月

[RB068] Ennio Mazzon – The Possibility Of Joy

“The Possibility Of Joy” contains 4 tracks with a complete duration of about 22 minutes.
15 7月

[Sfp06] HALO XVI – The Sixteenth Hour

The Sixteenth Hour is indeed a weird title for a record, given that there are little or no connections with the band’s name.
23 6月

[Noisybeat 007] Plastic penguin – Volksmusik

Plastic Penguin presents Volksmusic, an album with 6 tracks that range from Ambient genre to IDM genre
05 12月

[cact029] Quiroga – Poladroid

this time in the form of the one-man band from italy…
08 10月

Port-Royal / Absent Without Leave – Magnitogorsk (2008)

意大利的Port-Royal和希腊的Absent Without Leave联手发布了他们的新专辑Magnitogorsk, 由George自己的Sound in Silence Label发行. 整体风格介于电子氛围,后摇和自赏派. Southern Europe近年来后摇和氛围的发展非常快, 涌现出了众多艺术家, 比如Il Cielo di Bagdad, iris’tea, Autochrome等等等等.
14 9月

Suan – Emotronic Is The Reason

NetAudio Russia是由Musica Excentrica厂牌提倡的一个计划, 包括三个小型的Netlabel: ElectroSound, Weird Elements, Share My Wings. 大部分的艺术家都来自俄罗斯本土, 也有来自中欧和日本的艺术家. 所有艺术家们的音乐都遵从Creative Commons License非商业性使用条例提供免费下载. 在今年非常流行的一张专辑Ambidextrous / Morkva — “A&M”正是出自这个厂牌.
02 9月

port-royal – Roliga Timmen (Longing Machines)

Artists: port-royal Album: Afraid To Dance Release Date: 2007 Label: Resonant