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02 5月

[BP058] Mel – Unguarded

“unguarded” is the work which edited live recording.
28 10月

[ACP062] Koen Park – The Lazy Burden

Koen Park – The Lazy Burden
02 8月

[BP041] Mel – Noncompliance

After his “Un” released on Bypass #18, Mel returns to Bypass with his new “Noncompliance”.
13 6月

[RB060] Summons of Shining Ruins – BIRD REQUIEM

Analog Vibrations. That points into the right direction. Summons of Shining Ruins is a project of Shinobu Nemoto
01 4月

[Mi106] Spatial White Noise – Alphajerk

Leonel Sousa aka Spatial White Noise debut on MiMi Records with some songs recorded in his bedroom in 2002
22 3月

[inr009cdr] West Point – Leaf EP

West Point is Yuichi Ozaki starts to make music in 2006, he lives and works in Tokyo and he has released in net-labels like Mimi and F.M.I.
06 3月

[RB053] Saito Koji – Time / Line

Saito Koji is a musician from Japan.
05 2月

bypass Release: [BP018] Mel – Un

The production of “Un” was started in autumn, 2008.
03 12月

[12rec.053] Ian Hawgood – Enfants Ruraux

Ian Hawgood, international man of mystery. Mr. Hawgood is a hard-working musician, with an impressive…
15 11月

-N | Netlabel

-N | Netlabel是个日本人办的Netlabel. 但艺术家大都不来自日本.
26 9月

VA – Recovery project

Recovery project是一张合辑, 也是一个计划. 他集结了众多优秀的艺术家, 对20世纪一些具有启蒙性的音乐进行了重新创作. 参与艺术家: alva noto 德国, Matmos 美国, 池田亮司 日本, BJNilsen’s 瑞典, Jóhann Jóhannsson 冰岛, People Like Us 美国 & Ergo Phizmiz 英属印度洋领地 … …
14 9月

NEXT LEVEL+, Missin:glink Digital

NEXT LEVEL+是我在Myspace上认识的一个朋友, 来自日本, 横滨. 他们的小厂牌叫Missin:glink Digital, 里面的艺人也都来自日本. 他本人是一名DJ, 也是一名制作人.
12 9月

VA – Flared Up & Port-Royal Remixed

2008年5月, Resonant Label发行了一张关于Port-Royal “Flared Up”的Remix合辑, 这张合辑的艺术家, 来自丹麦, 俄罗斯, 冰岛, 德国, 日本, 法国, 英国. 在这张合辑中我们能看到很多耳熟能详的名字. 而对我个人而言, 这也是今年最重要的一张专辑.