Tag: Portugal

25 3月

[TBC010] Cage Cabarrett – __________

Turbinicarpus Records (Donetsk, Ukraine) presents a new CD of experimental electronics by Cage Cabarrett (Lisbon, Portugal).
16 2月

cl-031 | XZICD – O)))))O(((((O

Ambient music is dominated by long and spherical soundscapes.
07 12月

[flc01] Various Artists – MANIFESTO

This is the second release of FeedbackLoop Label, this time around is a compilation called MANIFESTO
27 11月

IHab001 | JOAQUÍN GUTIÉRREZ HADID – Vending machine

The ‘Vending machine’ is the first of a series of works regarding industrial design objects.
17 11月

[xs-69] Heitor Alves. Gimme Some More Sounds

Today we present you the amazing gimme some more sounds, a work done by Heitor Alves
05 11月

[BP050] ocp – Must

For most netaudio lovers, ocp is not an unfamiliar name.
10 10月

[Tube187] Minimal States – Like A Photograph

Thomas Carter has yet another musical project called Minimal States, where he explores ambient soundscapes based on collected samples and field recordings.
06 9月

[Xs 66] BpOlar – Subversive Vespers

BpOlar is son of a jazz musician and as such he was raised from a very young age listening to the jazz masters
12 7月

[BP039] Luís Antero – Watermill EP

This work contains pure field recordings.
27 5月

[Xs-58] V.A. – Past Present and Future

past present and future (meditation on the ascetic role of music in human existence)
11 5月

[Enrmp206] OCP – FDS

In a STFU Porto 2009 aftermath, here is a recording of the space ambient set from our local portuguese friend ocp.
11 3月

Two specially albums is are available now by Bypass.

[BP024] Luís Antero + Marcus Kürten – Stall and [BP023] Siegmar Fricke – Nekrektomie.
29 1月

enrmp186 – Ikimashoo Aoi – Winter

3 track ep by Portuguese ambient idm / laidback electronica project Ikimashoo Aoi.
28 1月

[enrmp197] Aktivehate – Corrosive Intent

Previous enough release artist ISK brings us an 8 track ep of another of his projects of harsh electro industrial Aktivehate.
22 1月

bypass Released: [BP017] Luís Antero – Sound Narratives, Vol. 1

This is Luís Antero’s second Field recordings Album on bypass, All recordings take place in Portugal, between October 2008 and January 2009.