Tag: United Kingdom

13 4月

[SK&UR001] Oh No Nuno! – Got Soul Go Fight

Oh No Nuno’s Got Soul Go Fight twists and delights in a home-made quilt of unpredictable genre mixtures without ever sounding random or pointlessly clever
25 1月

[tube197] Minimal States – Liberty Hoax

This is the second album in a trilogy from London based musician Thom Carter.
01 12月

Podcast: Bleepshow #457

Bleepshow is a podcast of electronic music compiled, hosted and produced by Pete Cooper. It’s full of greatness, awesome and win.
13 11月

[RB075] Herzog – First Summer And The Running Dream

“first summer and the running dream” contains 5 tracks with a complete duration of 30 minutes.
03 11月

[S27-026] Nonima & theAudiologist – Almost Tomorrow

Almost Tomorrow is the third full length collaboration album from Section 27 Netlabel founders Tam Ferrans and Andrew Paterson, under their Nonima & theAudiologist guise.
29 10月

[NE-013] Muhmood – 6200 Miles of Silence

6200 miles of silence is totally based on field recordings.
22 10月

[PHCH012] Ian Hawgood – Before I Let The Sunshine Rot

“It’s about the memory… As always…”
19 10月

[Kahvi#275] Abyssal Plains – Fourth Quadrant of the Mandala

This release sees 4 tracks from the sublime ‘Fourth Quadrant of the Mandala’ in the usual superb quality that we can expect from Abyssal Plains
09 9月

[Earman096] Spheruleus – A Vision Obscured

Spheruleus returns to Earth Mantra with a truly wonderful collection of nine introspective ambient tone poems called “A Vision Obscured”.
24 8月

[Konkretourist] Son Clair – From the Bridge

From the Bridge is an audio-montage of sounds recorded from the same location over an 18 hour period.
30 7月

Kahvi#271: Reii / Drafts

After his first successful release on Kahvi back at #246, Reii returns with a different mood (and style), different pace and different style entirely.
03 6月

Kahvi#269: Casimirs Blake – Casimir Corona

Casimir’s Blake is one Chris Wigman, hailing from Hampshire in the United Kingdom.
12 5月

(ca258) Humberto Luis Schenone – Human Tracks II / Heq

“Human Tracks” is the name for a collection of musical works which has the intention of reflecting the history of the human journey from an alternative point of view.
22 4月

[ACP047] Koen Park – Computers Are Not Our Friends

The idea that our lives revolve around computers so much is depressing and a little soul destroying.
17 4月

[BFW03] Poodleplay Arkestra – Windy Miller’s Cocaine Years EP

The first release on BFW Recordings from Poodleplay Arkestra is a four track EP of beautiful songs not to be missed.