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07 3月

[JTREP06] TAPES – Compuriddims

Coming straight from a warehouse studio amidst the dirty streets of London-Hackney is this hissing beauty by Mistah Jackson “Bassbin” Bailey, here in the guise of his project TAPES.
06 2月

[PLANET005] Various Artists – Unknown Planets

Various Artists – Unknown Planets
24 1月

[tube153] Ian D Hawgood – Her Name Was Frailty

Ian D Hawgood’s latest release, Her Name Was Frailty.
12 1月

earman068 – Arcticology – Haven (2009)

Arcticology is the electronic/ambient/drone project of a british student from Bournemouth, started in 2007.
25 12月

bypass Released: Merry X’mas! Bong – Albatross EP [BP015]

‘Billy “Bong” Kenny is a young electronic artist from Liverpool, England.
16 12月

[PLANET003] Culprate – CaliginousBastille

Culprate brings some welcome heaviness to the Planet Terror imprint with some genre-defying crossover dubs.
09 12月

Billy Kenny, “Bong”

Bong is my friend when i got to SoundCloud. Actually, i thinking He will be a greatest Artist.
03 12月

[PLANET002] Titus 12 – Step Forward EP

Planet Terror Records: An exciting release for us since it’s our first by an outside producer.
03 12月

[12rec.053] Ian Hawgood – Enfants Ruraux

Ian Hawgood, international man of mystery. Mr. Hawgood is a hard-working musician, with an impressive…
31 10月

Xela – In Bocca Al Lupo (2008)

这张Xela – In Bocca Al Lupo本应在08年12月8号上架, 但现在已经可以在Soulseek上找到.
19 10月

Netaudio London 2008

Netaudio Festival compilation是最俱影响力的国际Netlabel线下活动. 创办于2005年, 包括2005年的瑞士伯恩和德国科伦. 2006年的英国伦敦. 2007年的德国柏林. 以及Netaudio London 2008 Showcase.
18 10月

Ulrich Schnauss: Re-releases out on October 13th

Ulrich Schnauss较早前的两张专辑A Strangely Isolated Place和Far Away Trains Passing By重新出了个版, 重做了下Mastering. 大概还有点其他的小礼品. 10月13号欧洲地区重新发行.
10 10月

Awkward Silence

Awkward Silence是一个独特的Label. 它是最值得被关注的, 却又极为低调.
26 9月

VA – Recovery project

Recovery project是一张合辑, 也是一个计划. 他集结了众多优秀的艺术家, 对20世纪一些具有启蒙性的音乐进行了重新创作. 参与艺术家: alva noto 德国, Matmos 美国, 池田亮司 日本, BJNilsen’s 瑞典, Jóhann Jóhannsson 冰岛, People Like Us 美国 & Ergo Phizmiz 英属印度洋领地 … …
18 9月

Squarepusher – Just A Souvenir

Squarepusher预计在10月由Warp正式发行的新专辑, 现已提前在Bleep.com发布了网络版本, 需要花费$9.99下载到整张作品. Squarepusher是耳熟能详的名字, 不多说了. 在Soulseek上一名叫Braciabutabi的波兰人告诉了我他放在RapidShare上的下载地址. 在页面下方的评论里头.