Tag: United States

09 4月

[cl-032] Iameb 57 – Filic 9

Upcoming release comes all the way from the other side of the atlantic, courtesy of US’s Iameb57.
23 3月

[BP055] Cagey House – B for Breakfast

B for Breakfast is Cagey House’s latest production. The album has varied between being kind of pop/rock-ish and instrumental experiments.
08 3月

[SUN02] V.A. – Hurricane Helicopter

The following is a free release called “HURRICANE HELICOPTER” which contains 8 tracks from artists with upcoming albums and/or free EPs coming in the near future.
06 3月

[Crockp3-017] Terminal 11 – Kaleidoscope Eyes

Yep, 9 new tracks from one of the most complex, most mind-meltingly awesome producers on the planet.
23 2月

[Connexion Bizarre] You Are Here: A Compilation of Alaska Electronics

Online release showcasing musical talent from the US state of Alaska, compiled by Alaska artist JAmes Church
05 2月

[TOP11] Ryan hammond – Just another translation

Ryan hammond – Just another translation
26 1月

[earman113] Phillip Wilkerson – Sun Tracer

One of the things that consistently amazes us about ambient prodigy Phillip Wilkerson is the breadth of his work.
25 1月

[AH037] Ten and Tracer – You’ll Be A Hero Soon, Speaker

Jonathan Canupp, the fellow behind the name Ten and Tracer, gives us these previously thought to be lost songs as the album ‘You’ll be a Hero Soon, Speaker’.
10 1月

[Elpa33] Telegraphy – Telegraphy EP

[Elpa33] Telegraphy – Telegraphy EP
09 12月

[earman105 & 106] Different Skies – That Merciless Sky; Arcosanitarium

Two releases from Earth Mantra Netlabel.
23 11月

[TVK22] Fuji Apple Worship – Been Heading North

recorded on June 14th 2008.
18 10月

[IDMf006] IG88 – Mutual Mastication

For the IDMf Netlabel’s second solo release comes IG88’s Mutual Mastication LP, a melodic delight filled with organic-sounding synths sweeping across an ocean of deep rhythms.
21 9月

[FNet003] Trait – Airborne

Trait’s Airborne EP is dedicated to his late father who passed away in 2003
31 8月

[BFW016] Oneiro – Crystalline EP

Lush and beautiful, shoegazey ambience.
30 8月

[sfp07] Transient – Nothing is everything when everything is nothing

Transient is Carl Martin, american musician with netlabel discography second to none.