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24 8月

[S27-019] Masochistic Values – Dmtv

Masochistic Values – Dmtv
23 8月

(ca298) Phillip Wilkerson – Secret

Phillip Wilkerson creates ambient and experimental music. His work has appeared on a number of netlabels. This is fourth release for Clinical Archives.
20 8月

Kahvi#272: Yard – Swaggle Dub

This four track ep is made up of what essentially could have been heard at any rave or techno club in the early 90s.
04 8月

[8BP099] Starscream – Future, and It Doesn’t Work

Starscream – Future, and It Doesn’t Work
19 7月

Recommand: [earman086] Silvercord – Bioluminescence

This album has an interesting back-story, which Geoff relates as follows.
22 6月

[BP038] Phillip Wilkerson – Williams Park EP

After his Incidents In Spring released on Bypass #16, Mr. Phillip Wilkerson returns to Bypass with his new set Williams Park, a four tracks EP genres covered of Ambient, Glitch and Experimental noise.
22 6月

[Kahvi#270] Kilowatts – Six Silicates

After the pure ambiance of casimirs blake, Six Silicates turns the mood with beat driven electronica/techno
08 6月

[earman080] Phillip Wilkerson and Tange – Ege Denizi

This release, entitled ‘Ege Denizi’, is just such a case. Two of our favorite Earth Mantra artists, Phillip Wilkerson and Gordon Macmillan of Tange.
31 5月

[Recommand] MODEM – 3 Year Old Slug (Sunwarped Records)

The following is a free release from MODEM called “3 Year Old Slug” which contains 4 tracks from the upcoming (and debut) Sunwarped album “VEHEMENT”.
24 5月

[ca261] Sick To The Back Teeth – Crawl

Crawl is an album about brief moments in springtime.
06 5月

[BP031] Cursed Chimera – Glitch PATH

Cursed Chimera’s Glitch PATH is one of his finest forrays into IDM to date.
02 5月

IDMf004 – Length and Brecht (Remixed)

IDMf004 – Length and Brecht (Remixed) transcends the definition of remix album by sounding more like a four movement orchestral piece with a recurring theme
24 4月

[RB057] Phillip Wilkerson – Midland

“Midland” is a 5-track-EP with a complete duration of about 27 minutes. Part I – IV are very homogeneous.
20 4月

[Laridae047] Dril – Ctor

After his debut “Run Stop EP”, released on hippocamp in 2008, DRIL aka Tony Williams returns with an eight track mini album on laridae.at
14 4月

[IDMF003] V.A. – Mind Tree

From start to finish, Mind Tree is an auditory journey that takes the listener through all walks of life.